Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can't wait til the next Kmart Doubles!!!

These pictures are from last months Kmart Doubles but I wanted to get you excited for next time!!! Dates TBA...they usually do this once every few months...Stay tuned for the dates!

Without coupons $32.00 but I got it all for $9.00! Each tub of wipes was just $0.50 and HB shampoo and conditioners $1.00 each. The Angel Soft Toilet paper were $0.50 each, the nylons and Kotex were free and the Venus razors around $3.50. I can't recall the exact prices!

Without coupons $61.00 but I got it all for $15.50!! Wipes were $0.50, Johnson and Johnson Adult lotions $1.49 each, Pedigree bones $0.99 each, Coppertone sunblock stick $2.00, nail clippers, nail art, Bayer, Playtex gloves, BBQ sauce, Visine, Johnson and Johnson Baby Qtips ALL FREE!!!

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  1. Those prices are amazing, you have to let me know how i can pay that too.