Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few of my Walmart deals from yesterday

Since I decided to do this blog today, I didn't take pictures of all of my great deals and savings from yesterday. Here are just a couple of the good deals and freebies that I got. I was able to buy 61 items for just $80! I did buy a lot of fruit and veggies, a toy for Khloe and meats without coupons which threw my $1.00 per item out the window!

All of these were originally priced at $8.97 and reduced to $5.00 but I happened to have a $4 off coupon for each so just paid $1.00 per box! I'm still waiting for the Airwick ones to go on sale since I also have a $4 off coupon.

The lint rollers were priced at $0.97, use the coupon from here of $1.00 to make them FREE! The Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit on the go were also priced at $0.97 and I used the $1 off coupon from this past Sundays paper for any Johnson and Johnson Red Cross item which made them FREE! Both of these items can be found at the Walmart trial section aisle!

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